What we offer

First impressions count... that is why NU Web Design offers a variety of web design and hosting packages to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you are a start up, small business, band, musician, blogger or community group you will find a package below that works for you.

All of our websites packages include;

FULLY RESPONSIVE design meaning that they will look great on all devices - desktop/tablet/mobiles. This is essential in recent years as the trend is moving towards mobile platforms.

We will set up the initial SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - for the website. This will help with the rankings on Search Engines such as Google/Bing etc. This can need continual updating so we can offer a package to help with this.

A random collection of green cards of varying sizes and shades.  Covering the whole square with small gaps apart from the top right and right/left middle.

This option is perfect for individuals or small organisations who just need a single page to showcase what they offer. Single page layouts are popular as the user can view all the content easily without the need to jump pages. This option helps you to deliver your vision simply and at minimal cost.

A random collection of blue cards of varying sizes and shades.  Covering the whole square with small gaps apart from the top right and left middle.

If you need your website to showcase the different options and packages you offer and perhaps a portfolio of work, then this option is perfect for you. Using multiple pages this gives your visitors a great chance to find out about the services you offer.

A random collection of red cards of varying sizes and shades.  Covering the whole square with small gaps apart from the top right and left middle.

If your business offers different services/packages and/or you require additional functions like a booking system or staff portal, then this option is perfect for you. You are sure to have all aspects covered with this package to best promote and operate your business.


This option provides you with an easy-to-use platform to sell your products and/or services on. With your branding throughout this bespoke package allows you to easily manage your stock, process orders, accept payments, manage shipping whilst providing a user-friendly service for your customers.


What's next and the extras you might need...

You will need a way to host your website so people can access and view. We have a few options depending on your requirements, if you are not sure please contact us and we can help go through the options.

We can help with all types of websites and scenarios and what is important is understanding what you require and tailoring the best user experience. Once the website is up and running, if you are short on time we can help manage your webstie updates or SEO optimisation.

SEO Management

Monthly SEO packages ensures that your SEO is getting the attention it needs.
With regular updates your website has more chance in reaching the top of organic searches.

Managed Content

Keep your website up to date with regular content changes and alterations.
This is handy if you need portfolio/media changes and leaves you to run your business while we run your website.


Enables a secure channel and will show a prominent padlock symbol next to your web address. Giving visitors peace of mind that all communications between your site and your customer will be encrypted.

e-commerce Shop

Utilising popular ecommerce platforms such as ShopWired and Shopify to host and manage payment gateways all in one place.

We offer a wider variety of designs and ideas that will suit every application. For smaller sites we make these on WordPress but we do not use templates so every site is unique giving you the advantage to manage or update yourself in the future if you wish. We can also make sites from scratch and code based on requirements. For e-commerce websites we utilitse ShopWired or Shopfiy as they manage everything in one place from hosting to payment gateways.